Live Reaction/Review: Stardom 5 Star GP Night One – Part 1


This is my first experience with Stardom but I am fairly familiar with Japanese Wrestling in general. Stardom is an all female wrestling promotion based in Japan. The 5 Star GP is an annual tournament that they run. It features a round robin system with 2 blocks (Blue/Red) with the block winners facing each other to crown the tournament champion.

Match 1: Azumi Vs. Momo Watanabe

I’ll be honest no idea who is who in this one. Both wrestlers are quite short and the commentators keep saying ‘kid fight’ so I think that’s why these two are paired together. Also I’m pretty sure this is a non tournament match. It seemed like a bit of a throwaway match to just warm up the crowd. Well they are both actually kids that’s why the announcers were saying ‘kid fight’ Azumi is 12 years old and Momo is 15. Ok the match is already over, it was really short with Momo (I think) winning. The work was fine but it was too short to be anything special was more a showcase for the youngsters (Something that is very common for the opening match in Japan).

Momo Watanabe hits a Somato (Source:
Momo Watanabe hits a Somato (Source:

Match 2: Kris Wolf Vs. La Rosa Negra

This is the first tournament match. Kris Wolf’s entrance involved her playing rock,paper, scissors with a fan it was amazing. The fans are howling at Kris Wolf so that must be her thing. So Kris Wolf is playing the small, upbeat bundle of energy roll and La Rosa is in the serious business ‘I ain’t got times for your games’ role. It was about 5 minutes longer that the previous match but they didn’t really use that time to build a strong story or anything. They just had a decent match but that was it really. The finish was sort of anticlimactic with La Rosa winning with a frog splash.

Frog Splash From La Rosa Negra ( Source:
Frog Splash From La Rosa Negra (Source:

Match 3: Haruka Kato vs. Queen Maya

Another tournament match that finds the giant European Queen Maya against the poor little Kato. Something to take note of both Kato and Wolf got streamers thrown at them when they were introduced but both of the foreigners didn’t? Anyway this was quite short. Really just a showcase for Queen Maya who seems a bit limited wrestling wise but makes up for it because of her size. Kato got a few bits of offence in but eventually was taken out with a brutal lariat into a chokeslam.

Match 4: Hudson Envy vs Kaori Yoneyama

Hudson Envy is obviously the villain, I mean just say that name aloud it sounds so evil. I think I’ve cracked the streamer debacle. They are thrown for the fan favourites or good guys. Yoneyama got them but Envy didn’t. Yoneyama was at the size disadvantage here but she didn’t let that stop her as she wrestled a very fast paced and aggressive style. I have a feeling she’s a veteran as she seems older than Envy. Doesn’t move like she’s older though she’s flying around the ring. Anyway the match ended with Envy hitting a nice air raid crash. This was the best match so far, it was a little short but it was face paced with little to no down time.

I’ll continue with the second half of the show next week. I’m enjoying it so far but nothing has really blown me away.


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