And That’s The End Of That Chapter

Godzilla in a scene from the film 'Godzilla VS. The Smog Monster', 1971. Toho/Getty Images
Godzilla in a scene from the film ‘Godzilla VS. The Smog Monster’, 1971. Toho/Getty Images

Summary time. In my first post I focused on just analysing Godzilla because I had no idea what I was doing. I just pressed record and talked for a few minutes about the movie. Luckily I came up with a point about language becoming white noise that made some sense so I thought I’d look into that.

For my second post I chose to focus on Language in Asian media using my Godzilla ‘white noise’ experience as a jumping off point. My original plan was to use research I found on language as a starting point and then go into examples of different kinds language in Asian media. But when I was recording I went off on a massive tangent about subtitles and their importance. And when I listened back to this I thought it was better than my initial idea so I just went with it.


The importance of subtitles is something I have always thought about. The idea that something is instantly defined as foreign because of their presence. They cause media to be immediately judged as either not worth the effort because “I watch movies so I don’t have to read” or as pretentious foreign drivel.

“Every film is a foreign film, foreign to some audience somewhere.” – Atom Egoyan and Ian Balfour, Subtitles

Asian media seems to be thought of as the most ‘foreign’ and ‘exotic’ but it really shouldn’t be. Most of my generation has grown up playing Japanese video games and watching Japanese cartoons. So whether they realise it or not they have been consumers of Asian media from a young age.

And for kids now it should be even easier. Whether it be a K-Pop song on YouTube or an Anime series on Crunchyroll, I think the advent of digital content distribution will do a lot to allow people to actively find international content to consume. And Hopefully this brings an end to this ‘foreign’ stigma that surrounds Asian media.


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