Welcome To The World Of Tomorrow

Virtual Reality is something I have always associated with the future. Even with the rapid nature of tech development I thought it would be a long time before I got to actually use a VR headset but that was not the case. Last week I had the amazing opportunity to use an Oculus Rift.

Oculus DK2 Source: Oculus.com

It is a surreal feeling the first time you put on the Oculus. I immediately felt immersed in the game world which made me realise the great potential that this device possesses. Just walking around a game world and soaking in the atmosphere by moving my own head around blew my mind. I can now see why Sony has rushed to get out their own VR headset. The only negative i had was using a keyboard to move was not the best. I think a controller would be better for immersion sake.

So that was my week two. Outside of using the Oculus I helped collect everyone’s blog addresses to link on the subject blog (Thanks whoever put them on the blog?!?) and just really discussed what I wanted to do in the subject with others. I am hoping I can do a bit of everything from producing content such as videos, podcasts and blogs to helping with game development. Also, I love the creative process so if anyway wants help developing ideas or some feedback on stuff they’ve already just find me in class or on twitter @iironiq.




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