“Fortune and glory, kid. Fortune and glory.” – The Adventurers: The Temple of Chac Review

Ever wanted to be Indiana Jones? Well here’s your chance. ‘The Adventurers: The Temple of Chac’ is a charming game published by Fantasy Flight Games in which you race through a dungeon collecting treasure whilst running away from a giant boulder.

The game took a while to set up as it has a lot of components which initially made us think the game was going to be overly complex, but once we got going we realised the mechanics were quite simple. One person rolls five dice to decide how many action points everyone has which can be used to move, look at the clues for upcoming puzzles or search for treasure. And then at the end of every turn five die are rolled to see how many spaces the boulder moves.

The Game Board – Source: https://rivcoach.wordpress.com/

Game mechanics such as load level (How many actions you have dictated by how many treasures you’re carrying) and lock picking (Trying to roll a certain combination of dice to get special treasure) become exponentially important to the player due to the threat provided by the boulder. It creates a sense of anxiety for the players whilst they try and figure out how many times they can stop for treasure before being squashed.

The board, characters and cards are all aesthetically pleasing with great colouring and attention to detail. The physical props such as the walls and the boulder give them an added sense of importance which I thought was a nice touch.

I had a blast playing ‘The Adventurers’ its simple yet rewarding mechanics and beautiful aesthetic combine to create a wonderful experience that made the long setup seem insignificant.


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