The Struggle of Australian Cinema

2014 is shaping up to be Australia cinema’s worst domestic performance in 10 years, the trend looks set to continue (,2014). The Australian public just does not seem to care about Australian films. Even critically acclaimed films such as Animal Kingdom which was praised by Ridely Scott, Brad Pitt and Quentin Tarantino are barely successful with less than 500,000 Australians actually seeing the movie at the cinema. Less than a quarter of the nightly average viewership for Nine’s The Voice.

Many blame internet piracy for the low viewership of Australian Film. Recent research shows that 63 per cent of ­people between 15 and 50 have illegally downloaded movies or TV product in the past 12 months (The Australian, 2014). But if piracy was the problem how did Guardians Of The Galaxy make $22,229,868 in Australia in under 2 months (Box Office Mojo, 2014). Are Australian’s more likely to pirate Australian films than Hollywood blockbusters?12230 - Crocodile DundeeResearch needs do be done on why the public are not seeing Australian films. The optimal study in my eyes would include both quantitative data through online surveys and qualitative data from focus groups. First the public’s perception of Australian films needs to be identified then their cinema going habits and finally what they want out of Australian films. With this information the Australian film industry might be able to draw in the audience that it desperately needs.


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