Breakin’ The Law


Rules and regulations are very important. Sure as a child you didn’t feel this way when you weren’t able to watch a movie because of its rating or play a certain game because someone told your parents it was ‘bad’ but they are. They are guidelines to what is acceptable and what is not. There would be no civilization without rules.

When I was going up my parents did their best to make sure that I was not watching anything that was to violent, with bad language or that was sexually explicit. There was no exact ‘rule’ but they would just try to direct me away by changing the channel on the TV or taking me to a different section in the video store. But as I grew older I was eventually allowed to watch anything I wanted at home but in public was different.

Australian-Government-to-reform-media-classification-asking-for-your-input-1076732Whether it was buying a game or seeing a movie with my friends I was restricted by the MA15+ rating. This rating restricted me from buying the game or seeing the movie without an I.D that proved I was 15 years or older. Buying games was easily circumvented by getting my mother or an older friend to get the game for me but the movies was different. I had to actually be there to consume the experience it was not as easy as getting someone else to buy it for me.

With the rise of the internet regulating the media consumption of children has become even harder. With so many different ways to access and consume content parents are having a hard time keeping up with what their kids are watching. It’s not as simple as looking at the classification of a movie anymore. Studies show that media consumption can be beneficial for children when consumed in limited quantities with a guardian present. The problem with this is the parent can’t always be there to supervise.

While rules and regulations are important in the end they can not be enforced at all times. Children will eventually be exposed to a variety of media and its important that they are educated when this occurs.


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