The Taskmaster



Many people believe that they can perform two or more tasks simultaneously, but ADHD expert and psychiatrist, Dr. Edward Hallowell says this is a myth.The reality is that shifting tasks results in poor job performance. We need to be teaching our kids that multitasking is a myth and teach them the art of paying attention and focusing on one task at a time. – Online Behavior: Multitasking While Doing Homework By Screen Retriever

So multitasking is a myth? Well good doctor I believe I have a problem. I multitask all the time! From chatting on Skype while playing a game to listening to music while I study and I feel productive?

It’s a misperception says Dr. Wang ,PhD, of Ohio State University. We think we feel good because we’re getting more things done, but we’re really not doing ourselves any favors – The Habit Holding You Back By Christen Brownlee

Well that explains it. I thought I was being productive but I was actually was doing multiple things poorly instead of focusing on one task and excelling?

“The ability to multitask can preserve safety as well as quality of life,” says David Knopman, MD, a professor of neurology at the Mayo Clinic and member of the American Academy of Neurology. – The Upside Of Multitasking

But the ability multitasking can preserve safety and improve my quality of life what do I believe?!?

Here lies the problem with internet researching, everyone has an agenda. Quote 1 was published on Screen Retriever provides “a monitoring program that allows parents to record and remotely view their children’s computer screen in real-time”. So the quote from Dr. Edward Hallowell is used to justify using their program to make sure children are focusing on just one task. Quotes 2 and 3 while contradicting each other where both found on the same site website of a popular lifestyle magazine that seems to just publish anything relevant they can find to get hits.

While all of these quotes are from real studies they are clipped and warped to fit the agenda of the site they are published on. If seriously researching a topic one should always try to find the actual report these finding were originally published in to get the real picture of what is going on in its original context. As for multitasking I believe the video above explains it quite well.




2 thoughts on “The Taskmaster

  1. So the question we’re left with this is: why multitasking, and why now? This is what I found myself thinking when you connected multitasking to hits on a popular aggregator site. Why are we looking for a story about multitasking in these times, do you think? What other anxieties does this attach to?


  2. Thanks for understanding the point of my ramblings haha. I believe that in this case multitasking as a problem is just a place holder. It could easily be replaced by any other new habit that we have developed involving new tech e.g smartphone use in public or too much computer/social networking use. These new phenomena have only recently been able to occur so they don’t have a commonly known solution or answer. Thus we turn to the internet.


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