I Saw A Movie About A Tree And A Talking Raccoon

A Movie Theater Source: fogsmoviereviews

Whenever I go to the movies it always brings back fond childhood memories of spending time with my family, eating popcorn and enjoying a funny movie. Recently my cinema experience has changed from being a family thing to going with my friends but last week I had another family experience when my brother and I went and saw Guardians Of The Galaxy.

We had been planning on seeing Guardians at release for months originally going to the advanced screenings but that didn’t work out due to our conflicting schedules. Eventually we found a day that worked out for both of us which turned out to be cheap Tuesday the day I go and see 99% of my movies.  Every Tuesday Event Cinemas offers 10$ tickets to everyone. I’ve always thought of it as a ploy to get people to the movies on a weekday but its a godsend for students such as myself trying to save every possible dollar.

We went to the 2:30 screening so the theater was nowhere near full but it didn’t affect the experience at all. Personally when I see movies at the theater I enter a trance like state taking no notice of my surroundings at all but this time I did notice the numerous laughs from the audience mainly at the high jinks of Bradley Cooper’s Rocket Raccoon. Speaking of raccoons the audience demographic was quite different from what I expected for a movie starring a talking raccoon and living tree with the average age of those in the audience probably being around 20 but this may have been due to the 230 time-slot.

The movie itself was in my opinion the best thing that Marvel Studios has done (An opinion even Robert Downey Jr shares as he called it the best marvel movie ever). Great performances all round, a perfect balance of action and comedy and a phenomenal soundtrack. I highly recommend it to anyone who is even slightly interested in seeing it.



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