A Box Office Smash

The Guardians of the Galaxy source: cartooncornerproductions
The Guardians of the Galaxy source: cartooncornerproductions

Guardians Of The Galaxy the newest effort from the Disney owned Marvel Studios was doubted from the moment it was announced. It was said to be the riskiest thing Marvel has done since Iron Man (Marvel’s first solo feature film production). Would a movie about heroes no one has ever heard of including a green woman, a talking racoon and a tree work?

Well the verdict is in according to Hollywood touting a 92% approval rating on popular review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes and more importantly (Well in Hollywood’s eyes at least) it has made $327.3 million (more than double its budget) and one of the fastest to do it in just 10 days Guardians was a box office hit.

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 1.27.59 pm

Box office revenue is the most common measurement of success for a Hollywood movie. Box office revenue is the amount of money raised by ticket sales whilst a movie is in theaters . It gives studios an indication of both how much money they made and their audience i.e how many people saw their movie.

The Box office revenue as a tool of measuring success is criticised by many as they believe that studios are focusing too much on revenue which takes away from film as an art form. Box office revenue also doesn’t account for all the other revenue streams such as merchandising.

Many movies have bombed at the box office and been highly successful in DVD sales such as the Judge Dredd reboot ‘Dredd’ proving that box office isn’t everything but it is still the quickest and most reliable representation of how many people saw a movie and how much it made box office revenue will continue to be the most prominent statistic in the film industry.


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