Ye Olde Television

TV is something that is now commonplace in every home but 50 years ago this was not the case. I spoke with my grandmother about her experiences with television throughout her life starting when she first laid eyes on a television.

My grandmothers first experience with television was at 16 years old going to her friends house every Saturday night to watch Six O’Clock Rock before she went out to the town dance. She described a feeling of excitement as she had to rush home from work to make sure she would be there for the start of the show a feeling she does not get anymore because of the numerous recording devices,internet viewing services and re runs available for viewing.

A Motorola TV circa 1970
A Motorola TV circa 1970

She got her own TV as soon as she moved out with her boyfriend (now her husband and my grandfather). They did not have enough money to buy a TV so they rented a Motorola TV from Radio Rentals. Living in the Kiama region the picture was snowy at first and they couldn’t get all the channels until the early  70’s.

As for using the television it quickly became normal for them to go about their day with the television on. When she would go back to her parents for dinner as soon as they finished they would head into the lounge room and watch TV but at home they ate in front of the TV enjoying programs such as Pick A Box and Amateur Hour.

Now she enjoys many TV shows on her Sony Bravia LCD TV a far cry from the giant box TVs of yesteryear.


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