In Cyberspace, No One Can Hear You Scream

Well actually that’s a lie. In cyberspace the amount of people who will hear you scream is dependent on what sort of cyberspace you are in but even if they do hear you does it matter?

Everyone has a different way of sharing opinions and dealing with problems online that range from something like this on Facebook where people you know on a personal basis have chance of seeing your posts (only 12% of your friends if this source is to be believed), using an online persona whether it be on a forum like 4chan or Reddit where you can anonymously share your opinions,experiences ect to a larger audience without repercussions or by escaping into a game such as League of Legends or World Of Warcraft you can forget about your problems from a while and just play.

I will leave you with this video, which i believe is a great example of using a cyberspace to take out frustrations. Its shows a professional league of legends player “Zionspartan” during a live stream on taking out his anger from of being relegated from the LCS (A Pro league) which essentially means he is out of a job.


24 thoughts on “In Cyberspace, No One Can Hear You Scream

  1. That stat about Facebook is really interesting. I’ve heard similar before. This blog ( provides some more information about Facebook algorithms and how they are continually changing. It differs depending on content type so a video outperforms a photo but a photo outperforms a link. In the Lessig (2006) reading he speaks about how we have a freedom on the internet which is difficult to govern. This area of cyberspace is actually governed by Facebook staff even though we feel as if it is a space for ourselves and our friends. In contrast to Lessig, we don’t have as much freedom as we think.


    1. The Facebook stats are always interesting because for something I use everyday I really don’t know very much about it other than what was in the social network lol. I also heard in my meda102 lecture that if you include facebook’s sponsors products such as Mcdonalds or Gloria Jeans in your posts they have more chance of showing up on other peoples newsfeeds. I guess we will never have true freedom in a cyberspace unless you create it yourself.


  2. I actually LOL’ed at your post Brendan! And that sure is saying something. Great, catchy title and a nicely written blog. I really like how you chose to describe the internet ‘discussions’ that are so entertaining to read as an innocent ‘bystander’. The video was a nice, quick clip that I can sort-of relate to. Surely we have all come home, had a terrible day at work, and either kill a few Sims, melee some zombies in L4D or in Zionspartan’s case, making sure Owen feels his pain…


  3. Love the title, instant bonus points. I like the question you pose at the beginning as to whether it matters who hears you in cyberspace and I found the Facebook stat interesting, but I think you have potential and space to delve into the answer a bit deeper, possibly referencing Lessing’s reading to tie it back to the week’s topic a bit more. Also, me being a grammar nazi, your grammar needs a bit of work, but nice reflection on the topic.


  4. Short, sweet and attention grabbing. I also love reading different Facebook stats too as it is something that constantly surrounds my life but I know little about. Also liked the video at the end that shows someone living in their ‘second life’. Keep up the good work 🙂


  5. Love the introduction keeps the blog light-hearted and intriguing. I wish I could right more like this! Such an interesting Facebook statistic you have used and something that I was unaware of… Also the site you have used is a good one for this subject and something I will note for future references in my blogs. Also love the use of the video towards the end of the blog post its another simple but effective way to get what your talking about across.


  6. Great post with great examples. It’s just very short. I think you could have elaborated a bit more about individuals who use anonymous accounts to attack others and ‘troll’ the internet, and perhaps the effects that this has on victims. Cyberspace can be a dangerous place!


  7. I liked how you separated the forms of conversations that are occurring online and being used by individuals, while adding your perspective of the states there in and backing it up with research. #loloverwow.


  8. Interesting blog post and nice title, I think the idea of communicating cyberspace is very tantalizing. While it’s often we can receive abuse from someone online, the exact opposite can also be said, and that makes it a two-way street. I also find the statistics of Facebook posts being seen very interesting, it really makes you wonder about the complicated algorithms they write to come up with these numbers.


    1. Thanks for the feedback. I have been on both sides of the online abuse and it is not a healthy way to take out your anger. But in saying that just playing a game and destroying your opponent as in the video is a great way to relieve some anger and stress haha


    1. I recommend it. Its a more friendly version of dota. Its free so if u have decent internet id say download it and give it ago. If you do add me ign: ironik and ill give you some lessons haha


      1. oh i played too many hours of age of empires as a kid haha. Imagine a competitive age of empire where you control 1 character and have 4 other people controlling their characters on your team against 5 others thats LoL


  9. I came across this article on why some gamers are angry, it seemed relevant to the quirky video you linked –

    I think you could’ve spoken more on the Internet’s ability to send us to a place where we can be angry, or upset, or somebody else completely.

    Also, that’s an interesting stat about Facebook, almost discouraging really.

    It was a short, succinct blog post! Nicely done.


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