At The Drive In

Drive-In Cinema in Utah, 1958 showing The Ten Commandments

The concept of a drive in movie theatre has always been peaked my interest. The idea of watching a movie inside your own car a ‘safer’ alternative than traveling to a filthy movie theatre filled with complete strangers. Yes there are strangers at a drive in but you are separated and secure in your own car. This is an experience i am yet to participate in but one day I hope i can make this dream a reality.

My name is Brendan Grant and this is my first ‘real’ blogging experience at UOW so please go easy on me. I am a second year communications and media student who is not sure what to major in as of this moment but it will come in time…. I hope.



4 thoughts on “At The Drive In

  1. Great to see you out here, nice layout.

    Two bits of technical feedback: your Twitter feed doesn’t look to me to be working, and it’s good practice to include a caption with images that attributes them to their source. You can caption images by going back to edit this post, and clicking on the image, where it will take you to a screen that you can add a caption. Email if you need any help with these.

    I share your curiosity about drive-ins as I never went to one either. If you do an image search on “abandoned drive-in theatre” you will find some beautiful images of drive-ins as lost spaces. And I think you’d enjoy Ben Goldsmith’s 1999 paper on Australia’s drive-ins: The Comfort Lies In All The Things You Can Do — although it’s an older source, it raises some of the questions that will interest you.


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